Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Some Reasons Why Auto Dialer Service Is So Popular

The main reason why people make telephone calls is either to share information, pass information or seek information. If none of the three is achieved in a telephonic conversation then the whole purpose of such a call gets defeated. The efficiency or otherwise of a center executive and in fact that call center as a unit would depend entirely on the happening of any of the three events mentioned above. Unfortunately in many real life situations this does not happen in many call centers which results in a lot of wastage, slippage and leakage.

To give an example suppose if a center employee makes around fifty calls and is able to get a response from only thirty customers and is unable to contact or reach the remaining twenty customers then the productivity of that particular center employee is only 60% if this can be increased significantly and if there was a way to also increase the number of calls by a significant percent point then the overall productivity of the center executive would go up substantially. This is the whole philosophy with which the auto dialer service software was designed.

All good things in life are the result of necessities and it reminds us of the proverb "necessity is the mother of all invention". The same is the case with the need for the use of newer and more efficient technology in the center industry. Business today is becoming very complex, very competitive and highly unpredictable. Hence only those companies who are able to adapt themselves to the changing situations without much loss of time are the ones who will survive and grow in the long run.

The auto dialer service is built around the concept of reducing the wastage and increasing the productivity and overall efficiency of the call center unit. It has many new features and benefits such as auto dialer service, queuing of calls based on customer feedback, availability and non availability and other realities. It makes better use of call center executives by diverting calls to free call center employees thereby ensuring better usage of costly human resources. It has other benefits such as report generation based on various parameters which help the management to analyze the functioning of the center and take remedial action wherever necessary.

However for the best use of center employees and also for the optimum use of this auto dialer service training is of paramount importance and it should be an ongoing process. Since this technology might look confusing at the beginning the management should ensure that each and every call center employee is conversant and comfortable while using this technology.

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