Sunday, October 20, 2013

Using Automotive Call Centers For Auto Sales Leads

With the rise in internet lead generation and third party auto sales leads lists, it has become easier for dealerships to get information regarding the consumers who want to purchase cars. However, leads are just future prospects and there is a major hurdle which has to be cleared to make the sale - motivating the consumer to make a visit. It can be tiresome for the sales staff to call all the leads regularly and motivate them to schedule a visit or a test drive. In these circumstances, it is best to use automotive call centers and provide them with the leads. The representatives at the call centers would make the calls and motivate the auto sales leads to visit the dealership which gives the staff more time and energy to make the conversion.

The first thing that dealers should know is that the personnel at automotive call centers are skilled in PR and can easily motivate the user to make the visit. However, it is known that all users won't be convinced by a single phone call. The personnel are provided with a call plan in which they make the calls after an interval of few days regularly for three to four months. The calling would stop if the consumer asks not to be disturbed, buys a car product or schedules a visit to the dealership.

In case the lead defaults or doesn't show up on the dealership due to some reason, it is again put on the list to be informed regularly regarding new products. This relieves a lot of pressure off the sales personnel at the dealership and gives them enough time to make conversions or gather more auto sales leads.

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