Tuesday, July 2, 2013

The Call Center Dialer For the Mortgage Industry

Finding the right call center dialer for the mortgage industry is essential. As a marketing company that focuses our sales on maximizing our clients' return on investment, it was essential for us to find the best possible call center dialer to recommend to our clients and to use internally.

Outsourcing our clients' telemarketing needs was not an option. We wanted to maintain tight management of this important sales development tool. Establishing a large call center was cost prohibitive. Again, our goal is always to maximize our clients' return on investment and a large equipment investment did not make sense.

Our team researched different call center dialer systems in order to find one that is robust and flexible enough to meet our current needs (and our clients' current needs) as well as future needs.

First and foremost it was essential that the system be web based. Many of our clients use home workers to alleviate overhead costs. The system had to allow for both home workers and office based workers and therefore it had to be web based. In order to assure quality and affordability the system also had to use VoIP technology.

The mortgage industry, like most sales industries, relies on lead management, so that was an essential consideration in the systems we were researching. We wanted a strong scheduling and callback feature, as well as lead management and form creation.

Obviously the call center dialer had to use predictive dialing in order to maximize the agents' time on calls. It was important for us to focus on a predictive dialer rather than an auto dialer as a result of recent changes in the law.

We found that some systems were ideal for 1 - 2 agents only. We, however, needed a system that can work for our clients with 1 or 2 agents, as well as our clients with 5 - 20 agents and our clients with hundreds of agents, and everyone in between.

The best call center dialer for the mortgage industry is offered by Safe Soft Solutions. The company offers a free trial that we set up for our clients in less than 30 minutes and the results have been fantastic. For more information on this call center software for the mortgage industry visit: ://www.safesoftsolutions.com.

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