Wednesday, March 13, 2013

An Auto Dialer Service Can Impact Your Business Positively

An auto dialer service software is a system which allows for a phone to dial automatically from a list of numbers. Apart from doing this function independently, it also has the facility to give to the call center department a report of all activities. It also has the capacity to deliver a prerecorded message to the customer. The coming of age of call center activities has been possibly mainly because of this wonderful technology. Apart from delivering prerecorded messages, the system also has the capability of connecting a live customer immediately to the call center executive who is free to take such calls. An auto dialer service software could be compared to a reverse answering machine having some more additional features.

As we all know, we are today living in a world of competition and only those companies who are able to absorb and use newer and better technologies can aspire to survive and grow in this fiercely competitive scenario. The best advantage with this machine is that it replaces a lot of mundane repetitive tasks done by human hand. This frees the time of these call centers activities and gives them more time to concentrate on activities which result in more productivity and better management of their time.

Furthermore, many small companies do not have the resources to spend on a team of call center activities and for such companies, this auto dialer service is indeed a boon. By installing this software, these companies can get their job of contacting the customers, done at a minimum cost. There is also a high element of efficiently and productivity by using this software.

The growth of newer and advanced technologies in auto dialer service has been amazing. Many such devices that are available today have the facility to work both on landline and VOIP phone services such as Skype. They also have the facility of voice recognition. Most amazingly this auto dialer service has the capability to play different messages depending on different situation. If the phone is answered by answering machine then a different set of message is sent to called number.

If a live customer picks up the number, then the software recognizes it immediately and routes the call automatically to a call center agent who is free. It also has many more facilities like automatic retries for numbers that are not reachable. Some numbers which need to be contacted periodically can be automatically scheduled in this software and the number can be called daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly as needed. On the whole, it is an amazing software which plays a big role in increasing the efficiency of call center agents.

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